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Why I Won’t Use Rimuhosting
I originally got a VPS at Rimuhosting because their website lauded their “fanatical service” and a friend had concurred. In September 2006, I ordered my first server.
In December, a friend asked if I knew any good VPS hosts. I said I used Rimuhosting and hadn’t had any problems. “That’s funny,” he replied. “rimuhosting is the company that’s just given me horrible support over the last 2 weeks. No answers to email for 2+ days, then a claim that they didn’t receive it, then I send them the mail server log that says they should have received it, then they say ‘oh, that’s interesting. oh well.’”
I guess that should have been a sign for me. But instead, he changed his tune: “Well, if everyone thinks they’re so great, maybe I’ll give them another chance.”
The server went down for maintenance three times and was moved to a new IP once. In April 2008, the real trouble started. I was dinged for bandwidth overruns, apparently because Yahoo! was crawling the same files on my server hundreds of times a day. In June, they complained I was monopolizing the CPU, even though when I logged in the machine was 100% idle. They complained again in October and November and December and offered to take a look at the problem if I gave them root on the box. “Over my dead body,” I thought.
In December they set a CPU cap on my VPS. Then came the amazing bit. Despite already having sold me a VPS and put a CPU cap on my usage of it, they manually edited my partition to add their SSH key to myauthorized_keys, used that togain root on my box, noticed that a CGI script was using up CPU, and responded byturning off Apache. They didn’t even try to call me to talk about it in advance. They didn’t even call me at all. They just sent a little email. After the fact. The subject? “index.cgi is causing high CPU usage”
I asked them what was going on. Here was their reply:
In our welcome email we do mention that we have installed our key on your server.
We use that to help our customers.  You are able to remove that if you are not comfortable with that.
Of course, I did remove it. They used their control of the hardware to add it back in.
We work to ensure that customer’s get a fair share of the CPU, and that their servers perform well.
If everyone is trying to max out the CPU then everyone’s performance will be poor.  We can set it so that you get a fixed amount of CPU (and then we don’t mind how much CPU want to use).  Or we can let your CPU burst up to 100% of a host server CPU core, in which case your server will run fast, but in which case we’d need to make sure you do not monopolize the CPU.
Or, they can break into my box and turn off my webserver. Oddly they don’t mention that last option.
If you think we can help in any other way, e.g. investigating that script or anything, just let us know.
I suppose this is the service Rimuhosting is known for. I won’t be taking advantage of it again.
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August 27, 2009